Why us-Paccura Machinery Co., Ltd.

Why us-Paccura Machinery Co., Ltd.

• In 2007, Penkan was awarded the“Technology Innovation Award”.

Our processing and packaging adopt a “stable time development model”.

• Penkan was awarded the Industry-University-Research Combination Award incombination weigher field.

Paccura, group company of Penkan won Ringier Technology Innovation Awards in 2016.

• From 2016, Penkan won CE certifications.

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Paccura Machinery Co., Ltd is one of multi-head combination weigher scale manufacturers. As a technology-leading enterprise in the global field of quantitative combination balance equipment, our company is devoted to R&D and manufacturing of high-speed and accurate combined multi-head combination weighers, check weighers, multi-bucket linear balances, weight sorting scales, metal detectors, can make the whole packing systems, and provide customers with products meeting various requirements. Our company is located in Tianrunshengxing Industrial Park, Fusha Town, Zhongshan City, which has a modern standard plant with an area of more than 10000m2, the annual productivity of 6000 multi-head combination weighers, a highly-qualified team with over 30% of professional technicians and abundant industry experience, a complete set of full-automatic quantitative weighing and packaging system, as well as comprehensive capacities of design and development, manufacturing, marketing, installation and debugging, technical training, after-sales service and other aspects. Through years of hardworking expansion, our company takes bold trial and sustainable innovation by virtue of constant exploration, research and application of advanced technologies. We have developed more than 20 tailored series models for different product materials, including bag counting combination scales, miniature combination scales, V-disc combination scales, multi-angular combination scales, noodle combination scales, refrigeration combination scales, green pepper combination scales, strip-type combination scales, mixed material combination scales, salad combination scales, multi-outlet modular combination scales, modular linear scales, modular sorting balances and other series of products which are widely used in the fields of foods, medicines, chemicals, hardware, daily necessities, which meets the requirements of international customers.

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