Professional manufacturer 0.3/0.5/1.6/2.5/5/7.5L digital scale accurate automatic 10/14 head weigher

Professional manufacturer 0.3/0.5/1.6/2.5/5/7.5L digital scale accurate automatic 10/14 head weigher

It's suitable for weighing tea, seeds, coffee beans, chocolate beans, raisins etc.

Paccura Machinery professional factory price 0.3L 0.5L 1.6L 2.5L 5L 7.5L compact combination digital scales automatic 14 head weigher manufacturers. With more than 15 years of technical team building, we have a highly qualified team of more than 30% professional and technical personnel. Product design update and rich experience in product industry individualized needs.

Product Features:
High Accuracy multihead weigher for seeds
Confectionery/peanuts/snack/chips/nuts/jelly/flakes/cookies/bakery/coffee beans/pet foods/dry granule or small hardwares
Main Features
Mold hoppers can be change with each other.
High speed stagger dump function.
User-friendly help menu in touch screen contributes to easy operation.
100 programs for multiple tasks.
Program recovery function can reduce operation failure. 
High precision digital load cell.
Linear amplitude can be adjusted independently.

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Single Weighing Range2-100g2-200g
Max Speed*65PPM120PPM
Hopper Volume0.5L
Control Panel7.0" Touch Screen
OptionsDimple Plate/Timing Hopper/Printer/Rejecting Device
Driving SystemStep Motor
Power Supply900Wx220V/ 50/60Hz /10A1100W/220V 50/60Hz/12A
Gross Weight220kg240kg


1.What is the MOQ?
MOQ=1 set, order more machines will get better price.
2.How to know which weighing packaging machine is suitable for us?
You can firstly leave message about your needs or which equipment machine you want to know, what materials you're weighing, how many grams need weigh to fill in each bag, the range of precision/accuracy you accept and production speed requirements. Our engineers can recommend you suitable packaging machines based on these data and materials characteristics.
3.Could you do design or OEM for us?
Yes we can, please tell us your needs.


1.Penkan was awarded the Industry-University-Research Combination Award incombination weigher field.
2.Professional after-sales service team, product 2 year warranty period, willing to establish long-term cooperation relationship with each customer
3.15 years experience in making weighing packaging machines.
4.Frequently participate in large-scale industry exhibitions in various regions, and have the ability to negotiate cooperation with regional partners.

About Paccura Machinery

Paccura Machinery Co., Ltd. is a 15 years multi-head combination weigher scale manufacturer with large production scale and wide influence in local and the world. As a technology-leading enterprise in the global field of quantitative combination scale equipments, our company is devoted to R&D and manufacturing of high-speed and accurate combined multi-head combination weigher scales, multi-bucket linear weigher scales, weight sorting scales, metal detection scales and other products, and provide customers with products meeting various requirements. Our company is located in Tianrunshengxing Industrial Park, Fusha Town, Zhongshan City, and has a modern standard plant with an area of more than 10,000m2, the annual productivity of 1,000 multi-head combination weigher scales, a highly-qualified team with over 30% of professional technicians and abundant industry experience, a complete set of full-automatic quantitative weighing and packaging system, as well as comprehensive capacities of design and development, manufacturing, marketing, installation and debugging, technical training, after-sales service and other aspects. With vigorous exploration of international market, our company gradually spreads the marketing and service network all over the world. We have won the trust and good praises from numerous partners through high-quality and wholehearted service, and established a good brand image and quality public praise in the field of packaging machinery. 

The machine features:

1.The product is durable and functions are very well. Adopt high accurate loadcell of famous brand, resolution is improved up to 2 decimal;                 

2. Program recovery function can reduce operation failures and support multi-segment weight calibration;

3. 100 programs capacity can meet various weighing  

requirements  and user-friendly help menu contributes 

to  easy operation; 

4. Linear amplitude can be adjusted independently; 

5. Many languages available for global markets.

Mechanical Character
  1. 1.More beautiful design of New type Ⅱ machine frame.

  2. 2.Upper brackets are easy to remove and clean.


3.Mold making process and uniform design standards contribute to better interchangeability for spare parts. 

4.So many optionals which can meet all kinds of weighing requirements.


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