• Small Bag Powder Packaging Machine; Seasoning Powder Packaging Machine Application and Trends Small Bag Powder Packaging Machine; Seasoning Powder Packaging Machine Application and Trends
    Product introductionThe powder unpacking machine can automatically complete the entire packaging process of bag making, weighing, filling, coding, cutting and counting. It is suitable for packaging of small particles such as food, medicine, chemical pesticides and other small powder. Such as milk powder, soybean powder, seasoning powder, granules, sugar, seed powder soup, desiccant, monosodium glutamate, salt, and grain. Small powder packaging machine is suitable for small powder packaging. The packaging speed is fast. The computer-controlled stepping motor pulls the bag. Whether fixed-length bag or cursor tracking bag is set and cut, there is no need to adjust the empty run, one step is in place, saving time and material. .FeaturesThe bag making precision is high. The bag pulling mechanism is driven by imported stepper motor, digitally controlled, and the bag length adjustment is simple, convenient and accurate.The packing speed and bag making length can be within the rated range, no adjustment is required, no parts need to be replaced, and the operation is convenient.The computer sets the bag length, eliminating the need to change gears and adjust the bag length.Unique automatic alarm function for setting output and automatic speed display for packaging machine.Independent PID control of temperature, better suitable for various packaging materials.Related parametersMeasuring range: 80-350ml each machine is equipped with a set of screwsPacking speed: 20-40 packs / minuteBag size: width: 30-150mm length: 30-155mmTotal power: 1600WPower supply voltage: 380V or 220V or customizedMachine weight: 250kgMachine size: 1000x730x1700mmProduct renderingsProduct packaging effect product packaging effect product packaging effectOptional deviceCompatible devices: ribbon printer, inflatable device, exhaust device, horizontal sealing punching device, rotary cutter, small cutter, shaper tapping device, batch cutting pneumatic cutter.Packaging materials: polyester / polyethylene, paper / polyethylene

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